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Welcome to Blight of the Immortals! If this is your first game, here are some tips to get you started on your path to save the world from the zombies!

Choosing Cards

When choosing your cards, make sure to include cards for the race that you are playing. Look at the map and see what other races are near your starting position. You could also include some cards from these races too. It is unlikely that you will reach settlements on the other side of the map. Do not include cards for races that are not in the map.

Starting Position

Look around the map to find the Zombies. How far are they from you and which direction will they approach you from? Where are they moving to? Zombies will always move to the nearest unblighted settlement or Mana Pool. If the zombies reach a Mana Pool, a powerful boss will be created.

Look at the settlements near you. You will want to secure a Mana Pool to start generating Mana for your special abilities. You will also want to gain some settlements to train units, deploy heroes, and increase your Gold production.

See how much Valour it costs to take command of each settlement. You start the game with 20 Valour to spend. Once you kill some zombies, you will have more Valour to spend.

Deploying and Training

Deploy some Heroes so you can start moving straight away. It takes 6 hours to train units, but Hero cards are deployed instantly. The larger the population of a unit, the more it will detract from your Gold production, which is based on the number of people in your settlements.

Burning Graves

The faster you can burn the graveyards the zombies are rising up from, the fewer zombies you will have to fight later. Working out how to reach the zombies and burn the graves is a key strategy. The more zombies you allow to spawn, the more the zombies will spread and create more graveyards.

Zombie Buffs

Each race of Zombies is 50% stronger on their home turf. For example, Immortal Trolls are stronger in the swamps and Zombie Orcs are stronger in the deserts. If you can lure the zombies from their home terrain, you will be making your job much easier.


Remember that Blight is a cooperative game, so Diplomacy is important. Reach out to the other players early and let them know that you are new. They might have some great tips for you! You will also be able to exchange resources with them and ask them for help when you need it.

Early Game Priorities

Here is a summary of what you should try to achieve early in the game:

  • Deploy some heroes and get them moving straight away
  • Secure a Mana Pool and a few settlements towards the zombies
  • Move to burn the graveyards as fast as you can
  • Reach out to the other players and start talking tactics and resources

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Our more experienced players have also written some detailed Strategy Guides for the different races of Blight on the Forum.

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